Dr. Mike Collins is an experienced management development consultant, coach and speaker who specialize in motivational and humorous presentations. His enthusiastic, entertaining, and informative seminars bring laughter and a renewed spirit to his audiences.

Mike’s career has included high school and college coaching, university professor in Texas, Alabama and South Carolina, hospital manager, plus managing his own consulting firm. Presently, he works part-time as an instructor at Greenville Technical College, receives physical and occupational therapy, and continues to manage his speaking and training business.

Dr. Collins earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a master’s degree from Baylor University and a doctorate in education from the University of Southern Mississippi. He completed a two-year program in management development at the Piedmont Management Institute in Greenville, South Carolina. He is included in Personalities of the South, Who’s Who in America Education, Men of Achievement and voted Outstanding Young Man of America.

In January 2003, Mike was involved in an automobile accident that injured his neck at C— 3/4 which paralyzed him and left him a quadriplegic, with no feeling from the chest down. God’s miracles have made it possible for his body to be transformed from a stage of no movement to the ability of walking 60 feet using a support walker. With a loving support and prayers of his wife, friends and family plus the skill of physical and occupational therapist, the meaningful miracles continue to occur.

Dr. Mike Collins
Dr. Mike Collins

What others are saying about Dr. Collins

I just wanted to thank you for the self esteem class. It was great! Through work and church, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on quite a few classes and I was really impressed with how you were able to engage everyone in the class. You did an awesome job of creating a ‘safe environment’ for us to share some very personal thoughts and feelings.

I have also known a few people in my life who have extreme physical limitations, but spiritually speaking they are Olympic athletes… you are definitely in that category. I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to get to know you and Susan. Thank you both so much for being willing to share your story and your gifts to honor God and help hurting people.


Sharyn Gmerek

Training Coordinator , Carolinas Institute for Community Policing Greenville Technical College

Thanks, I enjoyed the drive, company, food and especially your talk.
Your positive spin to your story is inspiring to all. It lets us know we all need to count our blessings, complain less and make the best of our present situation. God working thru you is an inspiration to all you meet.
Thank You,
Steve Duggins

Steve Duggins

Mike: Thanks for your words I have learned so much in your training session about leadership, people and life. The way you have fought and battled back from your injury is so inspirational and has touched so many people for the glory of the Lord. You will never know how much I have used your example in graduation speeches that I have given at Wayland Baptist University and our 18 off campus centers, Sunday School lessons, and other speaking opportunities. It is not unusual for numbers of people in the audience to come up afterwards and tell me how much your story meant to them. This is work of God’s spirit. You told me that you would never have been as close to God as you are now after the accident. This side of heaven you will never know the numbers of people that God has touched through you, but once in heaven God will show you who, when, where, and how. You are a soldier of the cross, and I am so blessed to have had you as a life long friend.

Martin Murdock

Trustee, Wayland Baptist University

Super night ! Thank you so much. The looks on the men’s faces tell the
story. The Holy Spirit was there with us as you spoke of His love passed
down to our wives and an appreciation for the SIMPLE things in this life.
Your delivery was superb as you delivered it effortlessly.
I wanna be like Mike! Not Jordan but Collins and Christ.
Love as we know it to be,


From athletic field to the wheelchair, Dr. Mike Collins former Furman University professor and now a frequent speaker at the Furman University Academy for Management Development delivered a program that addresses issues of diversity, accessibility and the public health impacts of spinal cord injuries. His effective communication style and 35 years experience as a health and wellness specialist, now combined with over four years in a motorized chair presented a program that had a profound positive impact on me and the Furman University student body that had the privilege of hearing him speak.

Mike is an excellent and experience speaker who relates well to all audiences. His enthusiastic, entertaining and informative programs bring laughter and a renewed spirit to all participants in his presentation.

Dr. Frank Powell

Furman University

Dr. Mike,
I am so grateful for all u r teaching me and the entire class that u r introducing me to!
I have told Roberta, a counselor at Brookwood, that I just want to stand next to u and let all of that positive energy jump from u to me!
Thank u for ur patience with me, thank u for being such a great teacher, and let me know if I can do anything.
Thank u for sharing ur faith, relationship with God and Christ.
U amaze me!
Have a great weekend!