Topics for Staff Development, Conventions & Banquets

The following presentation topics provide motivational and entertaining ideas for self-improvement and organizational development.

The 7 – Ups for a Great Day!

  • Energizing ideas on how to start each day.
  • What is my attitude score?
  • Seven uplifting activities to make your day.

Life Is Too Short To Dance with Difficult People

  • Identify who are difficult people and why.
  • Procedure for completing conflict resolution
  • Identify positive characteristics of difficult people

Change: Success, Survival or Surrender

  • Exercises: how does it feel to change?
  • Steps for completing the change process
  • Value, benefits and problems of change.

Customer Service: Creating Raving Fans

  • Why should customers and associates celebrate our product/service?
  • How can we improve? What are the keys to our success?

Motivation: Take This Job and Love It

  • Assessment of my enjoyment of my job.
  • Guidelines for making the work environment enjoyable & productive
  • Eliminating the roadblocks of negative thoughts

Just Trust Me: The Check Is in the Mail

  • Procedures for building trust
  • Benefits and problems of trusting someone
  • Characteristics of people you can trust.

Humorize Your Stress and Anger

  • Identify the triggers that initiate stress and anger.
  • Recognize the problems, dangers and destruction of anger
  • Replace negative triggers with positive thoughts and actions

Topics for Leadership Development and Improvement

All groups, teams and organizations need outstanding leadership to obtain success. Leadership has to be developed. We are not born leaders! These skills must be developed and continuously practiced to maintain proficiency.

Leadership: Inspiring Motivation, Collaboration, and Commitment

  • When to lead, follow or get out of the way? How to develop leaders?
  • Why should anyone follow your leadership? My leadership styles?
  • Situational leadership: analyze the situation, people and task

Teambuilding: Evaluating and Improving Team Performance

  • What stage of the teaming process are we functioning? Strength/need?
  • Characteristics of a good team and team member? Use exercises
  • Build skills in goals, organization, communication, problem solving, etc. (exercises/activities will be used for each skill with debriefing)

Communication: Can You Hear Me Now?

  • Basic skills: sending/receiving messages, body language, voice inflection, listening process and barriers to communication
  • Conflict resolution, collaboration, values evaluation
  • Situational communication: one on one, small and large groups

Motivation: Being the Best I Can Be!

  • Analyze the power of my thoughts, words, actions (My want to)
  • Why should I change? The change process and choice theory
  • Obtaining Psychological Motivation: freedom, fun, love, power, trust

Understanding Myself and Others

  • Basic physiological and psychological needs; how I learn, motivators
  • Administer and debrief Myers-Briggs personality profile
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations

Decision-Making and Problem Solving

  • Evaluating my style for making decisions and problem solving
  • Benefits and problems with a majority, consensus and unanimous
  • Exercises on the individual and group problem solving and decision-making

What others say about classes with Dr. Mike Collins…

“Mike, thank you for teaching these classes. You are a fabulous teacher and I love sharing what I have learned with others.”

Carol Jenkins

“Thank you Mike for your class on Leadership. I do feel like I have learned some valuable information from you that I will be able to use in all areas of my life.”

Maureen Bailey

Dear Mike,

THANK YOU! I learned a couple “life’s lessons” at your work shop for myself!
You are a true inspiration!

Beth Magera

USPO-Workforce Development Specialist, U.S. Probation Office